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Rent games for XBOX, XBOX 360, PSP, PS2,
PS3 (Playstation 2, 3) Wii, Nintendo, Gamcube and much more!

Our Guide is here to help you evaluate which plan will accomadate your schedule and gaming lifestyle. We will also let you know which video game rental company and plan will best fit your needs based on convienance ,game selection, price, availabitiy, customer service and much more.
Most reliable video game rental club services offer a free limited time offer for first time members. These offers generally run anywhere from 5-15 days. Each club also offers separate plans according to how much you play.
Game rental reviews and Comparison Chart pages will help you easily analyze which video game rental club and plan is right for you. Check out our video game rentals ratings and reviews to see which rental company matches your lifestyle and location.
You will find the Game Rental Guide Blog page includes detailed reviews, articles, news and tips on what the major differences are between online game rentals clubs, whats hot in gaming, and recent events within the gaming world.
Video game articles reveals the latest releases and information in the video gaming world. When it comes to games, tips, cheats, new reviews and more....visit the game news page updated daily.



The year 2005 boasts a huge leap into the online video game rental industry which has practically taken our nation by storm. Many names such as Gamefly, GamezNFlix

and Gottapla yhave their hands full with this growing industry which has proven itself to be more than lucrative in many different ways.

Video gaming in America has become one of our nation's largest pastimes, next to movies.

With Blockbuster and Hollywood Video leading the revolution by offering video game rentals years ago at their storefront locations, we now see more online rental gaming clubs becoming the next generation leader in game rentals.


The combination of massive selections, cheap pricing plans, ease of use, format selections, and availability of certain games delivered to your front door will continue to bring these game rental clubs to the forefront of our already booming movie rental industry in the years to come.
Look out for more comparisons and reviews on the latest online video game companies in the months ahead. Check back with us and for additions and downloads as well within our upcoming newsletters.