News 02:02 February 2024:

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Making friends on social media is always a thrilling experience and the situation of meeting new people from different backgrounds across the world will actually make it even better. However, making new friends on social media platforms such as twitter could be quite difficult and especially if you are not acquainted with the other party or better still, if you have a very small account in that you barely have a handful of followers to even like the posts that you make. So if perhaps you are the kind of person why is so much into making friends on twitter, it begs for you to adopt a couple of strategies to help you realize your goal.

It is very important that you get to have an account that is quite busy and has a good number of followers. People will always want to associate themselves with other people who are well known out there and are very active. You should therefore keep on posting very interesting things that will catch the eye of the viewers which will in turn attract a lot of twitter likes and if people see that you are well liked, they will develop an urge to make friendship to.